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Karl Bundesen


DRE #00902729 & 01293583

Karl and Century 21 Bundesen have extensive experience marketing rural properties, ranches, and land. Karl has successfully participated in the following ranch properties:


• Medeiros Ranch 63+/- Acres  (I Street Extension Petaluma) Web Site
• Nisson Ranch 33957 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma
• Bloomfield Ranch 82 +/- Acres, 6 parcels, Petaluma Web Site
• Gilardi Ranch 396 +/- Acres, Bodega Web Site



• Green Willow Ranch 99 +/- Acres, Petaluma Web Site
• San Antonio Ranch 50 +/- Acres, Petaluma Web Site
• Valley Ford-Fallon Ranch 45 +/- Acres, Petaluma Web Site
• Fallon Ranch 95 +/- Acres, Petaluma Web Site
• Two Rock View Ranch 25+/- Acres (Bodega Avenue, Petaluma) Web Site
• Pacific Coast Ranch 1,250 +/- Acres, (Ocean Frontage, Petaluma) Web Site
• Kathy Pacheco Ranch 199 +/- Acres “D” Street Petaluma (Not on Open Market)
• Tomales Road Ranch 49 +/- Acres (Tomales Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• 3201 Napa Road, Sonoma 38 +/- Acres (3201 Napa Road, Sonoma) Web Site
• San Antonio Valley Ranch 238 +/- Acres (I Street, Petaluma, Petaluma) Web Site
• Bottarini Ranch 547 +/- Acres (Estero Lane, Bodega Bay) Web Site
• Farvel Ranch 162 +/- Acre Former Dairy Ranch, West Petaluma, (Not on Open Market)
• Smith Ranch 50 +/- Acres (San Antonio Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Camozzi Dairy 190 +/- Acres (Pepper Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Bundesen Ranch 22 +/- Acres (Lohrman Lane, Petaluma) Web Site
• Silvestri Ranch 272 +/- Acres (Valley Ford – Freestone Road) Web Site
• Gray Ranch 310 +/- Acres (Roblar Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Lope N Oaks Ranch 118 +/- Acres (“I” Street Extension) Web Site
• Garzoli Ranch 609 +/- Acres (Chileno Valley Road) Web Site
• Reimer Ranch 355 +/- Acres (Middle Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Pozzi Ranch 190 +/- Acres (Joy Road, Bodega) Web Site
• Pacheco Ranch 50 +/- Acres (“I” Street Petaluma) Web Site
• Camozzi Ranch 96 +/- Acres (Bodega Avenue, Petaluma) Web Site
• Cerini Ranch 260 +/- Acres (Fallon Road, Petaluma) Web Site
• Pacheco Ranch 248 +/- Acres (Portion on San Antonio Road) Web Site
• Azevedo Ranch 20 +/- Acres (Skillman Lane, Petaluma) Web Site
• Shannon Ranch 95 +/- Acres (Martinoni Road, Petaluma)
• Axelrod Ranch 96 +/- Acres (Martinoni Road, Petaluma)
• Farmer Ranch 75 +/- Acres (Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma)
• Peterson Ranch 85 +/- Acres (Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma)
• Button Ranch 12 +/- Acres (Portion on Eastman Lane, Petaluma)
• Booth Ranch 91 +/- Acres (Portion on Carroll Road, Petaluma)
• M. Booth Parcels 3 Parcels, 25, 20 & 15 +/- Acres (Chileno Valley Road, one in Sonoma and two in Marin, Petaluma)
• Kimball Ranch 89 +/- Acres (Chileno Valley Road, Petaluma)


• Duncan Dairy 540+/- Acres, 3 Legal Parcels (Tomales Road and Chileno Valley, Petaluma)

Karl is one of the most active listing ranch brokers in Sonoma and Marin. Some sellers prefer to sell their properties quietly. To inquire about upcoming listings please contact Karl directly at:

“We had worked with Karl to find a special place in the country for more than a year, starting about two years ago. In working with Karl to view and evaluate many properties, we learned that his knowledge of country properties was comprehensive and critical and that he could be utterly relied upon to provide very honest valuations and insights on each property.”
—Tim Geiser

Nick PruettNick Pruett


DRE #02047877

Growing up on a West Petaluma farm, I learned to raise animals and build their shelters and enclosures from an early age. Learning from my father and nearby farmers and ranchers, agriculture became a huge part of my life. I enjoy hunting and fishing, even though I’m no good at fishing. I’m also active in cardiovascular and weightlifting workouts, something I picked up from playing high school sports. Outside of real estate, one of the things I enjoy doing is auctioneering for fundraisers in the local community.